Zortrax M200 mods

In this article i will describe the Zortrax M200 mods that i have made.

My main 3d Printer was and still is a Zortrax M200.

It is a very reliable printer.

I have almost never had any failure in my prints and the quality is amazing.

The problem with the Zortrax is that is  a quite proprietary and closed system.

Proprietary meaning that you must use their own supplied filaments which are basically abs, z-ultrat (a high quality abs like filament, however stronger and with less shrinkage), PETG  and hips.

I have to mention however here is that with the latest software upgrades Zortrax started to open the system to external materials and the also added the possibility to print PLA.

In order to overcome some of the limitations of the Zortrax system I added some mods.

These Zortrax M200 mods are mainly the Z-temp mods.

More specific:


Z-Temp gives the possibility to control on the fly the temperature of the nozzle and the temperature of the bed.

The logic behind this is that with a hardware modification on the Zortrax you can offset at predefined steps the temperatures of the nozzle and the bed.


That means that the extrusion temperature can be adjustable  from 110º to 355ºC.

The bed temperature has 4 different scales from 30º to 65ºC.

Z-Temp Bed

ZT-HE Hot end

With this hotend you can print almost all materials from ABS and PLA to flexible and specials. The advantage also of this hot-end is that accepts standard MK8 nozzles and not the proprietary ones.

Z-Hot End ZT-HE


Automatically pauses the Zortrax when the filament runs out. A very handy alteration that gives you peace of mind.  If you run out of filament during printing Zortrax automatically pauses and waits for a change of filament.

Z-Sense Bed Height Control

With this mod you can bypass Zortrax’s auto-sensing of bed height. Meaning you can very easy adjust and compensate nozzle heigh for different fillaments (ABS,PLA,Flexible, Specials) as each type requires different distance between the nozzle and the bed.


In that way no shim was anymore required.


Finally I ordered from my local electronic store a panel voltometer. Connect it to the Z-temp mode I can have an indication on a display of my nozzle temperature.

With all these modes I was able to cut a piece of glass and using it as a bed attached on top of the perforated Zortrax bed. In that way I can also have with a moded application provided form z-temp raftless prints.

After all these mods printing with different materials is feasible but not always hassle free. Most difficult and tricky are the flexibles which very often leads to a clogged nozzle. In that case the extruder must be disassembled and the filament must be removed from the stepper motor.


As a final verdict I would say that these mods are very useful only for those that are willing to tinkering and experiment more with their Zortrax. Of course you can always switch to the default operation of the Zortrax with the stock filaments and have the super reliable operation and very high print quality of that printer.

You can see in the following YouTube video my mods:


In the link below you can see some of my prints with the Zortrax M200.





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