Sim Racing Cockpit

I have made this Sim Racing Cockpit in 2014.

The build was based in a rig consisted by a Rseat RS1.  The Rseat is upgraded at Level 2.

That means that it has embedded the:

  • Pro shifter mount
  • Tablet and button box
  • Buttkicker kit
  • Speakers mount kit and finally
  • The keyboard and mouse upgrade kit.

These upgrades are very versatile and gives the possibility to have future upgrades on the rig.

More specific:

The pro shifter can support several different shifts the Fanatec Clubsport Shifter but also the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog joystick and throttle flight simulator so it can be used also for flight simulators.

The tablet and button box can fits most 5″-10.1″ tablets but also the DSD Track Boss, DSD Black Max and DSD Black Max II Button boxes.

The buttkicker kit supports all Buttkicker models including Buttkicker ™ Gamer 2, Pearl ™ THMP1, ButtKicker ™ Simulation Kit, Mini LFE.

The speakers mount kit supports the Support Logitech Z906 5.1 sound system but easily other similar speaker systems can be adjusted.

Driving Rig 1


The chassis of my Sim Racing Cockpit is very well constructed and it is made from laser cut carbon steel and it weights around 50 kgr.

After 3 years of quite intense use, the construction is in a very well shape.


The assembly of the chair was quite strait forward.

The seat, pedals, wheel holder, all of them can be adjusted at specific mm or degrees.

In order to have a realistic feeling I added to the seat 4 Buttkicker Gamer 2.

Buttkickers can bring more realism and immersion to the driving experience.

Each of them gives 90 watts of power into my seat with a peak of 250 watts.

Driving Rig 2

Buttkicker is audio – bass driven and has a haptic feedback.

I connected them to the 4 ends of the seats at the “virtual” wheels.

Driving Rig 3

These buttkickers are controlled through a software called Simvibe from SimXperience .

For this kind of Sim Racing Cockpit I found a very well configuration the chassis mode in the Simvibe software.

Chassis mode means it replicates all four wheels. Therefore I needed four transducers at all four corners. In this mode you feel the vibes for each wheel independently.

In order to have an immersive experience I use 3 40″ 1080p Samsung LCD TV’s and are wall mounted by 3 Hama mounts.

Driving Rig 4

Two additional monitors are used. These can give real data info while sim racing or can be used as dashboards.

In order to be able to split the signal in the 3 monitors I used 3 DeLock Active DisplayPort Adapters and the eyefinity 2 software.

The HTPC used to drive the system is self builded and it is consisted from:

  • Custom made aluminium htpc case
  • iMon Station PC IR Remote Control
  • 2 distinct graphic cards and one integrated. These are 2 Radeon R9 270X 4GB
  • AsRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer is used as a motherboard with 8GB Ram DDR3
  • CPU is a i5 4570 3.20 Ghz 6M
  • 7″ Touch embedded monitor
  • 128gb SSD
  • 2 2T HDD

Driving Rig 4

As a controller I use the custom made DSD Black Max II Button Controller

Between the front wheels I have build and install a custom made console in which I embedded several gauges.

I made the box from mdf and wrapped with black plastic.

I used  several Symprojects gauges:

  • A Pro-Gauges controller was used in order to be able to interface my computer with 2 real gauges- one speedometer and one rev counter. These gauges are Racetech 95mm.
  • A GI Max is used as an electronic gear indicator.
  • A Pro Shift  board was used that permit me to drive  16 LEDs. These are individually configured to turn on when an associate data was reached, like oil temperature, fuel level, turbo pressure, pressure, wear, brake temperature. In order to be able to mount the less to my box I used chrome panel mounting LED indicators.
  • SimScreen is also used. It is a graphic LCD with resolution 128×64 and is very configurable. Using an editor I can choose what data to display and how I will represented them. Data like lap time, best lap time, distance from the leader or from the next car, number of current lap, current position…

Driving Rig 5

As a sound system, I used the Logitech Z906 5.1 Speakers. Voguels Speaker mounts has been used for the rear mount. The speakers are driven by a sound blaster zx.

The wheel is a Logitech G27.

However, a mod was applied to the wheel. I applied the Quick Release JZ mod.

With this mod I have the possibility to switch the G27 wheel and replace it with an F1 wheel. In order to be able to do it I had to tear apart the G27 and adapt the Quick Release JZ mod and the SteelSeries Adapter JZ – aluminum.

As F1 wheel I use the Steelseries SRW -S1 Steering Wheel.

Driving Rig 6

As keyboard and mouse I am using the Razer Deathstalker Keyboard and Razer mouse Deathadder.

Driving Rig 7

iPad mini 3 is used for controlling several sim settings.

As racing simulator I am using the Project Cars 2.


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