Prusa i3 MK2s kit assembly

In this article i will describe my experience with the Prusa i3 MK2s kit assembly.

My main 3d Printer was and is a Zortrax M200 (more info in this link).

This is a very reliable printer but also a quite proprietary and closed system.

Even though I have made quite a lot of alterations to my Zortrax (see the link below) I wanted a 3d printer easy to tweak and more open to different materials.

On August 2017 I ordered a Prusa original i3 MK2 kit as my second printer.

As a kit the assembly of the printer is one the most important parts of the procedure.

Any mistakes – misalignments or  omissions will lead to future problems, which usually are more difficult to  discover or fix.

The assembly took me about 2 days to finish. So it can be considered as a weekend project.

The box contains everything that you can need in order to build the kit. I will suggest only to have as an addition a good set of calipers.


The build was quite straightforward. It just need a small attention to some critical points.

The online manual is more updated than then supplied printed one. And someone must read very careful not only the steps but also the warnings of the online manual. Also the comments of the users are quite helpful.


It is very important to have a well squared frame


Prusa i3 MK2s frame


Is also very important to correctly regulate the extruder idler screws.


Prusa i3 MK2s idler

Another step that someone must pay attention is also the correct regulation of the PINDA. The distance between the PINDA and the bed is crucial for the correct calibration of the printer.


Prusa i3 MK2s pinda


Tighten the screws carefully as overtight them can lead to broken printed parts.

All the printed parts on the kit are ABS.

The quality of the electronics is very good and as a controller is used a Rambo.


After finished the assembly of the prusa mk2s kit it was the time of the calibration.

I changed 2-3 times the height of the probe and in each change I fully recalibrated the XYZ axis within marlin.

After succeed it with this the printing quality of the kit was amazing.

However I have to point out that if someone has zero experience on 3d printing the step of correct calibration of the kit maybe  one of the most trickiest one.

Prusa i3 MK2s assembled

The printer can be considered as loud (around 52 to 55 db).

The printer can be print either form SD card or from the PC or MAC with a usb direct connection.

I will suggest always print form SD . Printing from a pc has always the danger of a restart or power off or sleep that will ruin the printing process.

The printer comes with prusa’s software but also with slic3r. You can choose at the beginning with one of these two but a good option to consider is the Cura.

You can see in the pictures below some printed samples that i have made after the completion of the assembly:

Prusa i3 MK2s Drake


Prusa i3 MK2s print

A very good addition after the 1st test prints was the addition of Octoprint on the printer.

This gives the possibility to control or monitor the printer wirelessly.  For more details follow this link.

You can see below the time-lapse of the assembly.



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