Octoprint on Prusa i3 Mk2s

One of the coolest upgrades …. Octoprint on Prusa i3 Mk2s.

After finishing my assembly of the prusa i3 MK2s kit (details in this link) i started thinking of how can i improve the functionality of the printer.

Prusa photo

A very good addition after the 1st test prints was the addition of Octoprint on the printer.

This gives the possibility to:

  • Control and monitor the prusa i3 and the printing jobs right from within a browser
  • Have live feedback regarding the current progress of the print job
  • Have a feedback  on the temperatures of the hotend and print bed (possibility to adapt on the fly).
  • Move the print head along all axes.
  • Start – stop – pause the active print job.
  • Have the prusa send push notifications on job progress
  • Create live timelapse recordings of the print.
  • Slice  STL files directly within OctoPrint from a web browser.

In order to install Octoprint you need:

  • a raspberry pi (preferably the pi3),
  • an sd card (a quick one),
  • a wifi adapter or an ethernet connection and
  • a usb camera or a pi camera.

Installing the Octoprint software (linux) is very easy and strait forward.  All you need is:

  1. download the Octopi distribution from their site,
  2. format an SD card
  3. and with a disk imager install the octopi to the sd card

If you are using a wifi dongle you need to edit the octopi-network.txt file on the root of the sd card and declare on it the wifi name and password.

The raspberry must be connected directly to the rambo controller of the prusa.


On Thingiverse you can find ready to print designs in order to be able to adapt the camera on the bed of prusa.

Prusa mount


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