Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many times when we want to introduce some character but we do not know how. In this article we will look at some basic rules as well as 30 combinations from the keyboard for complex characters and other keyboard symbols.

How do we change language on the keyboard?

Just hold the left Alt and at the same time press the left Shift once.

How do we write capitals?

Here are two ways that we want to do. If we want to write a text with all the capital letters then just press Caps Lock. If we want to write only one character in capital letters simply hold down Shift and at the same time press the letter that we want.

How do we clear and what difference does Backspace have in Delete?

We can delete a character either with Delete or with Backspace. The difference between Delete and Backspace is that Delete quits right from the cursor while Backspace is on the left.

How do we put tons?

To put a tone on a vowel we have to press the button with the symbols:? and then the vow that we want.

How do we put solvents?

To put solvents, hold down Shift and press the symbol key:? and then i or u.

How do we put solvents together with a ton?

To put solvents together with a tone, hold the right Alt and press the symbol key:? and then i or u.

Basic symbols

To put the basic symbols, for example!, @, #, $,%, ^, &, *, (,), It is enough to hold down Shift and then one of the keys 1 to 9. The same applies to almost everything the keyboard keys that contain characters.


How do we put the euro mark?

To mark the euro, hold down the right Alt and then the e.

Advanced characters

Some characters are more complex since they require the use of more than one of the two keys in order to appear. Here’s a list of these characters. A prerequisite is to have the keyboard turned in Greek.

€ Ctrl + Alt + E
«Ctrl + Alt +
»Ctrl + Alt +]
“Alt + 0147 (numeric keypad)
“Alt + 0148 (numeric keypad)
† Alt + 0134 (numeric keypad)
§ Alt + 0167 (numeric keypad)
‰ Alt + 0137 (numeric keypad)
☺ Alt + 1 (numeric keypad)
☻ Alt + 2 (numeric keypad)
♥ Alt + 3 (numeric keypad)
♦ Alt + 4 (numeric keypad)
♣ Alt + 5 (numeric keypad)
♠ Alt + 6 (numeric keypad)
♂ Alt + 11 (numeric keypad)
♀ Alt + 12 (numeric keypad)
→ Alt + 26 (numeric keypad)
← Alt + 27 (numeric keypad)
↔ Alt + 29 (numeric keypad)
► Alt + 16 (numeric keypad)
◄ Alt + 17 (numeric keypad)
▲ Alt + 30 (numeric keypad)
▼ Alt + 31 (numeric keypad)
± Ctrl + Alt + –
½ Ctrl + Alt + =
¼ Alt + 0188 (numeric keypad)
¾ Alt + 0190 (numeric keypad)
¹ Alt + 0185 (numeric keypad)
² Ctrl + Alt + 2
³ Ctrl + Alt + 3
© Ctrl + Alt + C
® Ctrl + Alt + R
™ Alt + 0153 (numeric keypad)
° Ctrl + Alt + 0 (degrees Centigrade)


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