Easy CNC

This was my first attempt to build a CNC machine.

It was few years ago on the early steps of the CNC evolution in the community.

The machine is quite primitive but it was a big step in learning the mechanics and the software behind CNC machining.

Based on this knowledge I was able to build the next more advanced cnc.

The build  is based on Tom McGuire’s design and is called the Easy CNC.

Easy CNC

For the frame I used water pipes, aluminium,plexi, 5mm rods and some bearings. The steppers are three 17 Nema. I am using an Arduino Uno and a CNC shield having 3 stepper motors. As a software the Universal Gcode Sender to sent GRBL files.

In the video you can see the first test the Easy CNC Router.

I have sent the cycle file as a test and i used a pen to draw the cycle. Next test was cutting wood with a Dremel 3000 router.



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