A small garden pond and an automatic Fish Feeder

The story refers to a small garden pond and an automatic Fish Feeder. It is a combination of 2 of my most favorites projects.

Few years ago (back on 2009) i have made in my garden a small pond.

Small Pond 1

The pond had 3 upgrades and the final dimensions were 1 meter  by 1 meter and 90 cm deep.

In order to be able to have a good and healthy water environment the pond had 2 electric bumps for recycling the water.

On of the bumps had a return through an external filter.

A UV lamp was responsible to reduce algae from the pond.

Several plants were planted within the pond and of course some water lily’s on the top of the water surface.

Small Pond 2


The pond had several fish (more than 20-25) mainly koi’s.

The problem was that during my absence due to holidays i had to feed them and i always need it someone on a daily basis.

You can see in the picture below a temporary solution that i have adapted in order to be able to feed the koi’s in my absence.


Small Pond 3

This is were the project for an automated fish feeder came out.

The idea was simple.

My electronics were an arduino uno kit, a stepper driver, a stepper motor and an IC RTC for handling the schedule.

I used one big drill that was modified on one side in order to fit to the coupler that connected it to the stepper.

I used one pipe to host the drill. The pipe was the way to transfer the food pellets to the pond.

One bottle was modified to fit on the top of the pipe. The bottle contained the food pellets.

So twice per day the arduino was given the command to the stepper to move for a number of revolutions.

The drill had a fixed amount of food within the tube, thus each revolution released a fixed amount of food.

The project was very easy to implement and the solution to my problem was permanent.

You can see in the video below the automatic Fish Feeder in my final tests before implement it into the pond.



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