3D Printing Hints and Tips – Warping

3D Printing Hints and Tips – Warping

Warping is one of the most common problems in 3d printing. It is the phenomenon in which the print starts to shrink and consequently to detach and lift of the printing platform.
It is more likely to happen in large objects.
The filament that we use plays also a catalytic role.
For example ABS filaments are more sensitive to warping than PLA and thus printing with ABS is more tricky than with PLA.

Warping can be caused be several different reasons:

  • a not well calibrated platform
  • nozzle and platform distance are not adjusted properly
  • not a good first print layer
  • lack of an enclosure for the 3d printer

So how we can avoid all these problems ?

A not well calibrated platform can cause plastic not to stick well in all points on the printing platform. In this case we can see our printed part to unstick from the one side. To avoid this we must calibrate the platform to have a nice and even level.

The distance between the nozzle and platform if not adjusted properly can cause warping. The first print layer must be well bonded in our platform. Otherwise will unstick of the platform causing warping issues. A good calibration must be made between nozzle and platform. The distance varies with different filament types. For example PLA needs larger gap than ABS.

Humidity and variation in ambient temperature are one of the most common problems. And this is mainly a problem when printing in ABS. The solution to this is the usage of an enclosure for our printer. In this way we keep the heat inside the enclosure and at a constant temperature while we minimize air flow.

Raft can be a very helpful tool on 3d printing. When selected it becomes the 1st layer on the printers bed and helps the whole model to stick well on the platform.

Apply an adhesive a glue stick will help sticking the 1st layer of the print in addition to the heated bed. Caution to have a very clean and smoot bed area before applying the glue.

An enclosure helps in keeping the heat within the printing area and thus sticking better the object to the printing bed.

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