3D printed Ukulele

3D printed Ukulele project.

This a 3D printed Ukulele that I have made end of 2016.
The project was based on the design of the Playable Ukulele made by Solstie (link below).


I printed the parts on my Zortrax M200.

As material I used Z-Ultrat black for the body and Z-Ultra Gray for the neck.
The ukulele was printed in 2 pieces for the body, 2 pieces for the neck and 1 for the bridge.
I glued all parts together using 2 parts strong epoxy glue.

3d Printed Ukulele Photo 3

Headstock and upper part of the neck was printed as one part.
I added tuning keys that I had from an old guitar.


3d Printed Ukulele Photo 2

Strings are specific made for ukulele.

3d Printed Ukulele Photo 1

You can see in the video link below the final 3d printed ukulele which is fully functional.


For more printing projects you can read my following article:

3d Printing Zortrax M200



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